to the editor:

In a May 15 letter to the editor, the Gloucester Republican City Chairperson lambasted “the government” because of the state of Massachusetts’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic; she felt it was “overreach” and ruining the economy. She complained about masks, people not being able to use their property, and not being able to go for walks, all because of the state’s efforts to slow the rate of infection by coronavirus.

She goes on to suggest that the efforts were ineffective and killing more people than the virus. To support her argument, she writes that despite “some of the strictest guidelines,” the efforts were failing because Massachusetts had the third-highest COVID-19 case rate, despite being only the 15th most populous state. However, Massachusetts is the state with the third-highest population density (people/square mile) in the nation, right in line with COVID-19 case rates. I find it astonishing that the Republican chairperson has so much trouble with denominators, given how good republicans are at division.

Dr. John DeQuardo

Beulah, Colo.

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