To the editor:

In 2012 Donald Trump railed against President Obama’s re-election campaign, accusing the president of planning a war with Iran to enhance his chances of winning. President Obama did win and without a war because both he and President George W. Bush, who preceded him, not only had the intelligence to warrant an attack on Gen. Soleimani, but the wisdom to avoid killing him. Unfortunately, the current president did not inherit that wisdom.

We have yet to see any evidence of the “imminent danger” Soleimani posed to lead to his assassination — yes, he had American blood on his hands but, since every coin has two sides, he also saved American lives by helping to defeat ISIS in Iraq — and, until that evidence is produced so that our Congress and the U.S. public can see it, the events of last week will go down as the biggest “wag-the-dog” scenario since Lyndon Johnson’s Gulf of Tonkin resolution, which led to the escalation of the Vietnam War and to the deaths of more than 48,000 Americans and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese.

Without the moderating influences of all the generals who have left the Trump White House, this one could be worse.

Warren Salinger

Gold Canyon, Arizona

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