To the editor:

Reading the opinion of a former NASA astrophysicist (“Denial of man-made climate change is a perilous error,” June 27) declaring that we are contributing to global warming with all its implications and degrees, and the potential for remedy in the boreal forest to sequester carbon dioxide, it comes to mind: What do we do NOW?

A couple of things most of us can do now are to reduce/change our paper use, notably toilet paper and kitchen towels, to paper with maximum recycled paper content. Not Charmin nor Quilted Northern, produced by Proctor and Gamble and Georgia Pacific, as well as others that do not use recycled paper (source: The Sierra Magazine). Use kitchen towels sparingly or use a cloth or sponge to mop up. These small actions add up when most people comply.

Then comes the big change to fend off more global warming: your car. We still have an open window to get an electric vehicle, be it all electric or hybrid, with a substantial reduction in price thanks to subsidy. But the window will soon close. However, you can write or call your representative or the governor to urge an extension of the subsidy for electric cars. If there is lack of funding, there are remedies: higher taxes on hard liquor, cigarettes/vapes, and gasoline. These are not beneficial substances – we could use the disincentives of higher prices. Such measures have been used in other countries with good results in healthier lifestyles; the Department of Health should back such measures. Be sure to let them know.

Speaking of promoting electric vehicles, Hawaii is taking a very interesting lead (usually we lead them) in allowing all such vehicles to park for free in the state. Even at the airport. No limits. Wouldn’t that be a great incentive here also? No wonder they are selling very well in Hawaii! Imagine living in a place where you get lots of sunshine for your solar panels so that electricity is virtually free, allowing you to charge your electric vehicle for free and park your car for free too. Freedom from fossil fuels.

Eva Korpi