To the editor

Really Gloucester Daily Times -- “Nor’easter winter Storm?” (Dec. 17, 2020.)

No true New Englander, nor Gloucesterman for that matter, would ever call a winter storm blowing in from the Atlantic a “nor’easter.” Why? Because we don’t pronounce our “r”s.

In 1991, Boston Globe staff writer Jeff McLaughlin wrote that: “New England mariners will say ‘noth’easter’ and sometimes even ‘noath’easter’ but there is never an ‘r’ sound to be found in the middle of the word.”

Beloved late Gloucester historian Joe Garland said: “‘Nor’easter’ is cutesy at best, probably invented by people who move here and tried to sound salty.”

In 2008, Cape Anner Tom Halsted was quoted by Boston Globe columnist Jan Feeeman who said: “Nor’easter is fake pseudo-Yankee neologism … and should be shunned as silly and pretentious.”

All seem to agree that the term is a literal invention spread by national media and does not represent our regional dialect.

The Gloucester Daily Times should give the term the cold shoulder.

Jack Clarke


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