To the editor:

When one door closes, another one opens. In this case, the closing of Pilgrim nuclear power plant introduces more opportunity for the Commonwealth to transition to alternative clean energy sources ("Our view: Changing energy sources should be top priority," May 28). And with this new opportunity comes incredible potential for environmental protection and economic growth.

Yes, the transition to renewable energy is costly and will take time, but the potential benefits more than justify the investment. Recent reports warn that greenhouse gas emissions have already caused irrevocable damage to our environment and lay out a bleak future for our planet should we fail to curb our use of fossil fuels. Meanwhile, renewable energy prices are continuing to drop and are expected to be cheaper than fossil fuels within the next year. Massachusetts, which has been leading the Northeast in the transition to clean energy, has already proven that investing in the sector is a huge economic driver as well.

Clean energy employs more than 100,000 in the commonwealth. And with the growing potential of solar and offshore wind power, the sector is only slated to grow. With the closing of the Pilgrim nuclear power plant, let’s recognize the opportunity presented to make bold investments in a diverse clean energy portfolio. A door has opened, and it’s up to us now to walk through it. For the sake of our environment and our economy, let’s take that step forward.

Andrew Robitaille 

Alliance for Business Leadership