To the editor:

Kudos to Cindy McCain of Arizona, Republican Sen. John McCain’s widow.

She has stepped up and out from under the ever-darkening shadow of the Republican Party to endorse Joe Biden in his bid for the White House.

Courage is synonymous with the McCain name and she is showing it in spades by backing the “other party’s” candidate. She realizes that the current president does not understand or reflect the American values she and many others believe in. Those same values that her husband fought for during his military service and defended vigorously during his time in government. I’m sure Ms. McCain thought long and hard before making her decision and knew she would suffer repercussions for it. But in the end, she put principles before party and the future of America above party doctrine.

We can only hope that more Americans will study their inner most conscience, and look past the Republican side show and rhetoric. Realizing like Ms. McCain that four more years of this administration will cause irreparable harm to the people of the United States, our worldwide reputation and our precious environment.

David Bowling


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