To the editor:

I think that Thomas Starr’s art exhibit (”Art project highlights climate change dangers in Essex,” Aug. 4) is truly inspired. It is time for us to become immediately aware of the effect that climate change will have upon our lives, not because we need to feel guilty or despair, but because there is still time to head off disaster. Gloucester’s own windmills are a great start. Carbon pricing is the next step. This process adds an extra fee to the cost carbon-based fuels, like gas, and then returns a portion of the revenue to households. Some taxpayers could even make money this way!

According to Nobel-winning economist William Nordhaus, this idea would prevent ordinary people from shouldering the financial burden of dumping gas while encouraging the biggest, richest businesses to drive the shift to renewable energy. Best of all, it’s nearly here. State Rep. Jen Benson has proposed a great bill (H2810) to kill gas for good and replace it with safer power sources, and carbon pricing is the engine at its heart.

Let’s not let Thomas Starr’s artistic vision become our reality. There’s still time to make a difference. I hope our lawmakers recognize that fact -- and act!

Anna Gooding-Call