To the editor:

As a dentist with an undergraduate degree in comparative biochemistry and physiology, 30 years studying toxicology, author of a book on preventive dentistry and producer director of 30 public awareness programs as well as a co-author of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) position paper “Overexposure to fluoride from all sources,” I am heartened by the number of concerned citizens who are referring that IAOMT paper to their city officials. We spent a lot of time and effort to use only the best evidence and lay out our concerns as clearly and in as much detail as we felt the subject needed to fully communicate the impact of systemic exposure to fluoride. The accuracy of the document speaks for itself since its release five months ago not one statement of fact has been refuted.

The IAOMT is a nonprofit association of dentists, physicians, research scientists and care providers dedicated to the mission of safe dentistry. The IAOMT was founded in 1984 to address the growing professional awareness with peer-reviewed scientific evidence that many of the commonly used materials in dentistry have an adverse impact on health. Our mission is professional education and public awareness. However, it is only natural that citizens such as Karen Spencer, Linda Wrinn, Lin Chandler and Damon Cummings of Gloucester, Jessica McGovern and Mary Hart Lenhardt of Manchester, and Alan MacMillan of Rockport would find our work useful for beginning conversations with decision makers in their communities. I commend them for their diligent commitment to supporting modern science and public health.

The first question I encourage every responsible decision maker to ask is, how much fluoride from ‘optimally’ fluoridated municipal water is safe for a bottle-fed infant?

I urge the city leaders in Gloucester, Rockport and Manchester to read the IAOMT position paper and talk to their own knowledgeable citizens; 21st century science has found fluoridated water carries substantial risks and has minimal if any benefits.

David Kennedy

San Diego, California

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