To the editor:

I am horrified by insensitivity of Gordon Baird’s March 23 Fishtown Local column (“The boys’ club strikes again”). He complains about the number of windows in big houses when our senior citizens are afraid to go to the grocery store for fear of contracting a life-threatening virus? He thinks it is a good time to criticize the mayor when her city is in a health crisis and is about to take the biggest economic hit in our generation?

Newsflash: People may build what they are allowed to build according the city ordinances. I guess Mr. Baird has not been to a (public) meeting lately, because neither the Planning Board nor the Zoning Board of Appeal “hand out waivers like candy.”

Those volunteer boards make difficult decisions after sitting through public hearings and weighing the specific criteria that board members are directed by the city ordinances to consider. If you don’t like the rules, work to change them!

Gordon, why aren’t you using your column to raise awareness for organizations like Action Inc. or Grace Center, which are keeping their shelters open for our most vulnerable citizens who have no home — big or small — in which to ride out the pandemic like you do, or Open Door food pantry, which is keeping food in stomachs of those who suddenly have no jobs? You could be helping direct much needed funds to them.

Lastly, to the misogynistic claim that there is a boys’ club: There are two women each on the Planning Board and ZBA, not to mention our mayor.

Jane Remsen


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