To the editor: 

The ban on plastic straws is nice, and the ban on single-use plastic bags is working – you just got to remember to bring your own bag when you go shopping. It’s about time they banned Styrofoam containers too. They don’t decompose, and there are other alternatives that work just as well. But, the real culprits are the single-use plastic bottles. I can see their use in an emergency or disaster, but the way they are being used now is totally unsustainable. They are very unhealthy for you, especially if you are pregnant, because their toxins leach into whatever you are drinking. Moreover, there is just one FDA worker to inspect all the bottled water in the country. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. The bottled water industry is a huge scam, and they are making tons of money on our trust. At least tap water is regulated.

From the time Angela Sanfilippo was instrumental in the making of the documentary “A Fish Story” (2006) until the making of “Dead in the Water” (2017), it went from nothing but fish in the nets to all kinds of garbage being dragged up in the nets with the fish. The fishermen may not be talking about it, but they’ve had to have seen it and it’s got to upset them. Houston, we have a serious problem that we have to deal with now, not some time in the distant future. Denial doesn’t make it work or go away. Things just get worse.

Camila Beach in Florida is on the southernmost tip of the United States. More and more, the sand is being comprised of little plastic pieces. I really don’t want to wait until it’s all plastic. I don’t want to wait for someone who gives a hoot about our health or the environment to get in office. Meanwhile, I’m all about portable ashtrays. If you smoke, clean up after yourself. It’s that simple.

I know that glass can be heavy, but you can pour boiling water into it to sterilize it and reuse it indefinitely. I’ve been doing this for years. Ann Molloy of Neptune’s Harvest, being the awesome lady she is, said that she would give you one of their bottle or can cozies, so that they won’t break by accident. You can pick it up at Neptune’s Harvest, 28 Kondolin Road in West Gloucester. By the way, the plants love their fertilizer.

I’m allergic to chlorine, so I have to distill my water. Most people, however, don’t have that problem, so you can simply use tap water. Like I said, at least tap water is regulated. I keep four or five 16-ounce glass bottles of water in my refrigerator. I grab one, use my cozy, and I’m ready to go. I know that it’s a pain in the neck, but so are a lot of things in life. Get over it. I feel good, because I’m doing the right thing for me, God and my country. I know that if fish could talk, they would thank you for doing your bit to improve, not destroy, the environment.

Sue Waller