To the editor:

The vast majority of the huge throngs of people currently demonstrating and protesting across our nation are decent, caring people, albeit justifiably seething with frustration and anger.

How pitiful it is, then, that our president us not man enough to acknowledge that the relatively small number of individuals he is currently railing against, and who are regrettably and inexcusably committing violence, are one and the same as the “thugs” he normally delights in enabling and encouraging, often calling them “good people.”

How much longer can our people tolerate, and our nation survive, a president and supporting cast who are devoid of integrity, compassion or empathy? Is it too much to ask that we be “delivered” and begin as a nation to work together seriously and honestly to honor the principles upon which our country was founded, a beacon of light to which much of the world aspired? I sincerely hope not.

George C. Bottger


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