To the editor:

In late June, Massachusetts was rated one of four states on track to contain the virus. According to Covid Act Now, a team of epidemiologists, scientists, and public health officials, Massachusetts had brought the transmission rate down to 0.75 from a peak of almost 3.0 in March. We can be proud of this impressive achievement after a rocky start.

Unfortunately, since reopening that rate has been climbing back up. Currently, the rate is at 1.10, which means new cases are rapidly increasing. Massachusetts has not been on track to contain COVID-19 for many weeks now. Indeed, just last week Covid Act Now moved Massachusetts up yet another risk level, to right below the red level of active or imminent outbreak.

We need to put a lid on any further reopening and double down on adherence to social distancing, mask wearing, avoidance of large crowds, etc., so that we don’t lose what we have worked so hard to gain.

Mayor Theken, how about a sign at the Gloucester rotary reminding folks, including out-of-staters, about the mandate to wear masks?

Susan Nicholson


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