To the editor:

As I write this letter, there are 45 days until Election Day (Nov. 3). Please talk to your family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, neighbors and community members about voting for Joe Biden. The current administration, led by a blatant liar and unapologetic white supremacist, will continue to work for the gain of a tiny elite, while propagating a false narrative of fear-based, anti-Biden rhetoric. Our country is at a pivotal moment where we can decide our fate, and that of the world, for where the U.S. goes, many follow. When voting, please consider not merely your own benefits (stocks, bonds, family, ideology) but the benefits of all. Look beyond your own profits and security and consider the poorest and most vulnerable in not just our community, but the world community. What and whom are you willing to sacrifice by voting for another Trump administration?

This past week, the smoke from the Western states reached our skies, creating an eerie otherworldly sunrise. Since March, we have been living in a pandemic, which started in China but quickly and efficiently spread around the globe. Most of Gloucester and all of Rockport is on an island, but their residents are impacted by what happens thousands of miles away. We can no longer live as though our actions are for us alone. We are all connected. If we are truly “all in this together,” we must work for new leadership in the White House. The stakes are high -- for our democracy, our planet, and our future generations.


Heidi E. Wakeman


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