To the editor:

I was disappointed with the front page -- in fact, the entire contents -- of your May 22 edition. On the front page, you profiled the lemonade for charity effort, which was admirable. But you completely ignored the #StopTheBans protest against the plethora of abortion bans that will threaten to affect the lives of women across the country, some of whom were selling lemonade. Instead, you published a diminishing little article under the fold entitled “Dems turn abortion laws into fundraising pitches.”

Readers should understand a few things that make these bans so reprehensible. Abortion is not just a woman’s issue. It’s an issue for humanity. The legislation around the right to choose fundamentally determines if a woman can make decisions regarding that most elemental aspect of her being, whether or not she will have a child. Those children who are born into destructive home situations have self-identified as “the ones who should have been aborted.” Furthermore, I find it highly ironic that the Republicans, who are enacting these punitive bans, then cut funding for healthcare, education, nutrition and housing for those very children they are so keen to bring to life. Rather than “Dems turning abortion laws into fundraising pitches,” Dems are fighting for the law of the land, which allows a woman the right to privacy and the control over her own body. The Gloucester Daily Times trivializes the threat to the self-determination of half of the population by ignoring the local protest and casting the actions of the Democrats as cynical money-raising ploys. I expect better of you in the future.

Ann Leamon