To the editor:

Please, dear editors, when you publish an editorial, this time on our unclean and unhealthy beaches (“Bacteria still a problem at our beaches,” Aug. 22), do not use almost the entire column to decry the problem — please put more emphasis on the solutions. It is indeed terrible that our precious waters are fouled by bacteria, but your call that reports about this should “inspire more outrage,” actually discourage serious action.

When we readers hear how bad things are and how little is being done, we feel helpless and hopeless, and, frankly, turned off. But actually, we know what needs to be done — you identified the most important first step — we need to systematically fund and repair our public works. This is expensive, but necessary.

Instead of devoting so much reporting on tax-free holidays, we need to hear again and again the importance of paying taxes to fund the things that we, as a commonwealth, care about. Individually, we also need to stop destroying our waterways with harmful chemicals and toxic wastes. And ultimately, we must vote for those who will protect our environment.

Maria O’Brien


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