To the editor:

It is time to wake up. I read in Fishery Nation about protesters and fishermen opposed to a hotel on the waterfront in Portland, Maine. It seems their city fathers are having a difficult time turning those developers down due to less commercial fishing in their town. I can understand it is hard for them to turn down hotels and other businesses.

We in Gloucester face the same. Our fisherman can be displaced and new developments can perhaps provide more tax dollars to the city, but at our fisherman’s expense. I for one would see this as a bad decision and would look for business like whale watches, sport fishing and other related industries instead of condos and hotels.

Yes, the city approved a hotel in town, but on Pavilion Beach, not on the harbor. To quote the late City Councilor Gus Foote, we do not want a Newport, Rhode Island, here in town, and I agree.

So what can we do to help our fishermen? I have asked U.S. Sen. Ed Markey, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Congressman Seth Moulton to help us draft a U.S. Fish Bill, like the farmers have. We need long-term federal financial help to bring back our fishing industry. I am willing to try to get those to enact such a bill. I look for nothing in return, other than to help our fishermen. If you want to help, reach out to me via email:

Sam Parisi


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