To the editor:

Charlie needs to ride the MBTA.

The past few weeks have been maddening on the train. For those of us who work regularly in Boston it has become nearly impossible to predict what time we’ll get to work; literally every morning is a crapshoot. It begs the question: How can we expect a region’s economy to function if workers can’t get to work?

Fixing the MBTA must be made THE top priority of residents, businesses, environmentalists, labor and civic leaders if we want literally anything to function in this state over the next few years. We know Charlie Baker’s solution; he has proposed that people should work from home ... which frankly only illustrates how clueless he is about the problem at hand. Maybe if he had to take it to work every day like the rest of us he’d take it seriously. Maybe if his job couldn’t get done because he was stuck at River Works on a standing-room-only train in full winter garb due to a “mechanical error,” this issue would be taken seriously.

Ben Shallop


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