To the editor:

He scammed his own father out of millions. He scammed contributors to his “charitable” foundation. He scammed those who contributed to his inaugural fund. He scammed students of his “university.” He scammed investors, banks and the IRS for decades. He scammed almost everyone who had the misfortune of working for him.

He lied to his wives. He lies to us, every day. Actually, about 10 times a day. He has lied to us over 10,000 times since he has been in office.

He fumbles through international trade and affairs, immigration policy, and does not know or care how our economy works. He surrounds himself (unless they are in prison) with incompetent and greedy people like himself. He humiliates and fires the good people, or they resign in despair; the talent in every government department and agency has consequently been gutted.

He has no respect for our constitution, the government he works for, or its laws. He has no understanding of history.

He has no understanding of business and has lost a remarkable $ billion over a 10-year period, yet he wrote a book about how to be a successful deal maker. Ironically, he was bailed out by a network who propped him up as a business genius. He then became a tool for a media magnate who saw him as the perfect tool for his tabloid newspapers, and then as a tool to be used by his major news network to prop up ratings. This news station has subsequently morphed into a propaganda machine. He insults virtually every other media outlet or person.

He is desperate to hide his tax returns. He is desperate to block and discredit an investigation that has proven that foreign adversaries are working against us and that he obstructed justice. He has proven himself guilty by the mere statement he made at the start of the that same investigation: “This is the end of my presidency. I am (screwed).” He then had the temerity to claim personal victory, unconcerned that foreign powers have meddled in our elections.

No president has ever acted so immaturely. He is obsessed with what people think about him, tweets every morning to defend himself, then watches his favorite network on television. He throws temper tantrums, calls people names, walks out of meetings, and then lies about what happened.

He is a con man, of the highest order. He is a cheat, a bully, a braggart, a coward.

He is an embarrassment to our country and has diminished us as a reliable world partner. He is the worst moral leader in our lifetime, and a horrible role model for our children. This is our president.

Dennis McGurk

West Gloucester