To the editor:

What we are witnessing in America with this attempted impeachment of the president is a coup d’etat. A coup d’etat is the overthrow of an existing government by non-democratic means. Unconstitutional seizure of power. In this case, by a political faction known as the Democratic Party. Of course, they are disguising the coup as constitutional and in the best interests of the American people. Conveniently ignoring the fact the American people elected this president and will most likely re-elect him next November.

The one element missing from this coup d’etat is the imposition of military force. As often witnessed in Third World countries. That forcible takeover is secretly next on the agenda.

You are witnessing the demise of your nation on TV. This week, the perfectly prejudiced academic elite presented their bogus case for impeachment. These are the people who bear contempt for the common people who elected the president and truly believe they know what’s best for the ignorant masses. They will stop at nothing to seize power.

Take stock of all your precious freedoms you’ve taken for granted your whole life long. Brace yourself for political/military tyranny.

Stuart Diamond


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