To the editor:

Jonathan Ring’s June 17 letter to the editor ("America was not founded on racism") is a cover-up. It is an “ain’t nothing to see here, folks, and the blacks have it okay since we passed that legislation in the 60s” attempt at obfuscation.

Mr. Ring knowingly and incorrectly cites antifa as the cause of the legitimate protests.

Jonathan works to stoke white fear, catering to the embedded white establishment’s terror in the face of the changing complexion of the country, using the Declaration of Independence and Constitution to demonstrate how welcoming we are as a nation of diversity and equality. He tries to make antifa the enemy of racial and social justice when it is so obvious that the administration’s embrace and resurrection of the Southern Strategy, based upon fear of a free and diverse America, is the true enemy of democracy and freedom from oppression.

Mr. Ring ignores the inconsistency of his own arguments. He uses the founding documents of our nation devoid of their context. Fourteen Founding Fathers were slave owners. As a nation, we do not live up to the words we hold dear. We live in a nation of inequality in every aspect of our public lives: education, health care, housing, employment, incarceration, equal protection, voting rights. That is the underlying cause of the protests. Let us agree that we are a people who desire equality and justice. Let us all work for those truths and not against them and certainly not hide from them.

Joe Rukeyser


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