To the editor:

Imagine living in a country where citizens are cornered and killed while jogging peacefully down a neighborhood street, or while sleeping in their own house in their own bed, or murdered by uniformed police officers choking them to death on a city street. Imagine living in a country where police cars intentionally drive into peacefully protesting crowds, a country where the head of government orders mounted troopers to disperse peaceful protesters, while firing tear gas, rubber bullets and flash grenades,to clear a path for him so he can pose in front of a shuttered church in the heart of the country’s capital city holding high a book that is a revered symbol of religious faith for some but not for all his people.

Imagine living in a country where the head of government accuses a 75-year-old white-haired man, a peace activist exercising his right of peaceful protest, who has just been pushed backward by uniformed police, causing a fall resulting in a severe head injury ... of falling backwards farther than necessary to make the accident look more serious; imagine that you live in a country where that same head of government accuses a former congressman and current newscaster of murdering a former colleague who died in his office years ago as the result of an accidental fall.

Imagine living in a country experiencing a health pandemic so severe, it receives world honors for more deaths per thousand people than any other country in the world and where those statistics weigh more heavily on mostly minority communities, which lack in education opportunities for their children and health care for their people and that have so lacked for generations. Imagine living in a country where every fourth worker does not have a job and the economy has hit 1930s Depression-levels of unemployment.

But, hey, you don’t have to imagine any of those things ...because we are living them right here, in the United States of America.

Warren Salinger

Gold Canyon, Ariz.

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