To the editor:

We live in challenging times, especially for Gloucester’s students. We adults must do everything in our power to provide the educational opportunities that will enable our children and future generations to survive and thrive.

We cannot expect our teachers to provide the kind of needed education in substandard facilities. Schools that were built more than 60 years ago were not designed to meet the current mandates for integration of all students, regardless of their needs. Schools that were built 60 years ago simply weren’t designed for the way that children must learn these days. Even the term “neighborhood schools” is no longer appropriate when, for example, more than half of the students in the East Gloucester Elementary School live downtown.

In order for Gloucester’s economy to grow, we need to attract new industries, industries that can thrive because of our unique maritime location and proximity to a metropolitan hub. That means we need to improve our educational facilities so that businesses will set up shop here and provide good paying jobs that will allow young parents to stay in Gloucester and raise their children here.

I’m proud to have participated in efforts to provide more educational opportunities for students, teachers and administrators in the Gloucester Public Schools. I know and appreciate the wonderful work that is done by so many. It is surely time, to paraphrase Veterans’ Memorial School motto, to “Give Them Wings and See Them Soar.”

Please vote yes on Question 3.

Maggie Rosa


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