To the editor:

Add the state of New Hampshire Election Commission, poll workers and volunteers to the list of people accused of incompetence, stupidity and conspiracy by President Trump. Earlier this month he once again claimed that he lost New Hampshire in the 2016 election because thousands of people came at the last minute to vote illegally.

Claiming, with no evidence, that a fraud has been perpetrated on the people of New Hampshire and by extension, the whole country, is an insult to the honesty and integrity of hard-working, well-trained poll workers in every state.

Poll workers who volunteer or work for very little pay are of the highest integrity and dedicated to ensuring that elections are fair and honest. They check every voter’s name twice against the voter registration lists to make sure that each person who is given a ballot is a legally registered voter. These lists are maintained by city and town clerks in each community and frequently cross checked by computer to make sure only New Hampshire residents are allowed to vote in the Granite State. Poll workers tally the votes and make sure every ballot that is issued to a voter is accounted for.

So, Mr. President, you owe the people of New Hampshire an apology. If you can’t find the courage to do that, you can at least stop lying about the honesty of the people who make elections trust worthy.

Mel Michaels


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