To the editor:

I’ve recently experienced the situation we all dread — having COVID-19 enter my home. The positive test result was completely unexpected and extremely shocking. We will never know where it came from. But what came next was one of the unexpected blessings of this experience — the calm, informative public health nurse who took us by the metaphorical hand, answered our many questions, and helped us weather this storm.

Our Board of Health nurses are going above and beyond during this pandemic. They call to contact trace and ensure that you know exactly how to keep yourself and those around you safe. Our family’s contact nurse was a source of calm information during this squall, and also a kind attentive soul listening to my fears. As quarantine continues, they check in to see how you’re feeling and make sure you have what you need to keep you at home, so you don’t inadvertently spread this virus. I know that many of you can’t see this invisible force in our community. I hope you won’t need to hear from them. But I’m so grateful to our public health nurses for all they’re doing, for all of us.

Quarantine and isolation are hard, emotional, and scary. Check in with your friends and neighbors just to say hello or to see how you can help. Many in this situation don’t have access to income and basic needs once they are required to stay home. Please consider donating to the local agencies who are helping keep everyone safe -- The Open Door, Wellspring House and Action Inc.

Thank you, Gloucester nurses.

Laura Wiessen


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