To the editor:

I am aware of the recent Gloucester COVID-19 statistics stating 209 confirmed cases and 15 deaths.

As I walk along the Back Shore daily, I cannot help but notice the surprising number of people who choose to forgo wearing a mask. Yes, masks do afford a measure of safety to those who employ them, but face coverings serve more to protect those around the wearer than they do the wearers themselves.

Not covering up puts fellow citizens at risk, despite maintaining the suggested social distance of 6 feet. When the wind blows by the Back Shore, virus-laden droplets no doubt carry a greater distance with increased potential of contagion.

A second wave of infection is predicted with the opening of business, and common sense dictates that we take appropriate measures to contain the virus. The nearby community of Holliston requires the wearing of a mask or face covering while in any public place, including parks. Joggers and cyclists in particular are addressed and compelled by this order.

This is a simple and effective, if mildly inconvenient, solution. I suggest to Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken that it be implemented immediately in consideration of the public safety, Gov. Baker’s less-stringent recommendations notwithstanding.

Marvin Kushnet



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