To the editor:

Ashley Sullivan’s letter (“COVID-19 and consequences of government overreach,” May 15) is so full of misinformation and politically motivated complaints that it is hard, within the limited space available, to know where to begin.

Let me first try with correcting the record. Ms. Sullivan said, “Some of the most extreme COVID-19 cases have come from people who wore a mask regularly, yet our leaders mandate we wear them anyway.”

Who is she talking about? I know there have been cases of health care workers in ICUs that were infected in spite of wearing masks, in some cases using them for way longer than mandated because of an inadequate supply for replacements.

And I assume she is referring to Gov. Baker as “our leader,” who did mandate face masks on May 1.

However, it is useful to note that the mandate only applies to situations where it is impossible to maintain a safe distance of more that 6 feet, and further provides guidance to regularly wash the masks, not touch the front of the mask, and to wash your hands after handling the mask.

This information is readily available on the website. She goes on the note, presumably as a basis for relaxation of restrictions, that “recent testing shows that 30% of those tested already have COVID-19 antibodies in their system.” This means absolutely nothing.

There is no evidence that the presence of antibodies means immunity.

It only means that someone was previously exposed to the virus.

Bruce Slifer


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