To the editor:

When Christy Rosso, head of children’s services at the Sawyer Free Library, sent an email to me telling me of the passing of Heather Falk, I was heartbroken.

“Our Heather,” that is how we felt about her. She was part of the Children’s Library family. I will miss Heather’s sparkling eyes and her ever-present smile, her cheerful good morning to everyone when she came in to work and her cheerful good-bye when she left for the day. You couldn’t help but smile when you saw her, even if you were having not so good day. I will miss our conversations about her niece and nephews, whom she adored, or how she had bowled the night before or what the plans were this year for the church fair. I will miss standing with her, as she would often join my husband Fran and me at the St Peter’s Procession or the Gloucester Santa Parade. I will miss seeing her dancing with abandon with Billy or even by herself at the Sunday evening summer concerts at the Anthony Gentile Bandstand at Stage Fort Park. I will miss her big hug when I came back from California, to begin my volunteer work again in Children’s Library and her big hug when I left for the winter. She was loving and kind and joyful and thoughtful. She was the most genuine person I have ever met. She was “our Heather” and will always be in our hearts.

Rebecca Aliberte


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