To the editor:

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul Murphy on multiple committees over the years, this past year with him as chair of the Board of Selectmen. Paul has always been very accessible to any committee and the department head of said committee. And, most importantly, Paul will always carry the best interests of Rockport in his actions and decisions. Division within government at any level, as we currently see at higher levels, is never a good thing. And just because someone throws an opinion on Facebook and a few people jump on board doesn’t mean it should automatically become policy. True leadership remains calm during tumultuous times so issues are resolved correctly, and we don’t get sued. I know Paul possesses this leadership.

Paul is equal and fair with all departments and never brings an agenda to the table, which is so important in our elected officials. I see him taking time to listen to department heads and making sure concerns are addressed. Allowing our hired expert professionals the freedom to do their job is so important when budgets are tight. And more so now with tight budgets ahead.

Please join me on June 30 in voting for Paul Murphy for selectman.

Carl Engel


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