To the editor:

We need government officials to make well-considered decisions that inspire confidence, represent our best interests, and demonstrate a genuine caring for the well-being and ethical treatment of every citizen. It is crucial that we vote to elect leaders who will serve with integrity and compassion. For this reason, I am compelled to write in support of my friend Paul F. Murphy for reelection to the Board of Selectmen of which he is currently the chair.

Paul is a principled person with many outstanding qualities and a loving family man devoted to his wife and three children. It has been my privilege to know Paul since childhood and to work closely with him for more than 25 years in the Manchester Essex Regional Public School District, where he was assistant principal of the high school and beloved and respected by students, faculty, staff and the entire school community.

Paul gives selflessly of his time and expertise to benefit Rockport residents. He puts his heart and soul into working tirelessly for us and he will continue to be our strongest advocate. Paul pays careful attention to the needs of all his constituents and he is seriously invested in the current status of our town and its future. Personally, I am extremely grateful to Paul and the board for enacting the new and improved winter overnight parking ban policy in 2017, because it helped me, and more importantly, our senior citizens. Please vote for Paul so we have someone who cares looking out for us!

Laurie Carlson


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