To the editor:

Before you make your decision on Question 3 please consider the following:

The Massachusetts School Building Authority has deemed most of the areas of both East Gloucester and Veterans as non-compliant or inadequate (see As a lifelong resident of Gloucester, I know that in the past there have been a number of what many consider poor decisions made with respect to our schools. However, if we do not support the plan to build this new school, Gloucester will lose state funding and be forced to maintain two deficient buildings. No child should have to wear his or her winter jacket all day in the classroom because the heating system didn’t work (as my kids had to do last year).

As a parent of two children at East Gloucester School and also having my wife working in that same building, I hear about and see the inadequacies every day. In fact, I was quite surprised several years ago when I walked into East Gloucester as my son was about to begin kindergarten and realized that almost NOTHING had changed since I finished my last year at East Gloucester in 1987. How many of us today work in a building that was constructed in the 1940s and has not been substantially renovated since then? I would guess not many.

After having toured the new West Parish school when it opened, it became clear to me that all students should have access to such a facility. But it was also clear that Gloucester could not afford five “West Parish-style” schools. That is why, as a parent, I support consolidating East Gloucester and Veterans (and eventually Beeman and Plum Cove) to give all students in the city access to state-of-the-art learning facilities. I believe that this investment in Gloucester’s schools in not only necessary, but a dire need. Please vote yes on Question 3.

Matthew Parisi


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