To the editor:

Because of an inner desire to do what is good for our bodies and respect those people who are considered knowledgeable, we humans do things without questioning if it is true or not.

We were told not to eat eggs, now five per week are OK. Don’t eat potatoes, too much starch. Potatoes give us potassium needed for a healthy heart. Don’t get in the sunshine, because it causes cancer. Sunshine gives us Vitamin D.

Don’t buy that toothpaste unless it has fluoride in it. Is fluoride good for us or not? Does it cause arthritis in people and pets? Are dentists promoting using it because in college they received grants or scholarships with “strings attached” from big chemical companies? I wonder about that. Do you? Who to believe and when to believe, that is the question.

If fluoride actually was the miracle ingredient to stop tooth decay, there would be very few dentists in business today but that has not happened yet.

Whenever possible vote against using fluoride. Your body doesn’t need it. It is not a vitamin or mineral. It is man-made residue from smoke stacks of the aluminum industry.

Joanne N. Wile