To the editor:

No matter how many times Mr. Ring wishes to repeat the phrase “antifa” (“America was not founded on racism,” June 17), there is no evidence that they are behind the recent riots except in his mind. In fact, time and again the opposite has been found to be true, as individuals arrested are known members of far-right extremist groups and white nationalists who are taking this opportunity of unrest to further their goals of promoting a race war. The online calls for resistance purported to be from antifa have been proven to be created by right-wing groups posing as antifa groups. 

In addition, his obtuse claim that somehow the Civil War and Reconstruction were responsible for an end to racism, rather than the fuel that replaced slavery with Jim Crow laws, segregation and black oppression, is astoundingly audacious. The civil rights legislation was a hard-fought victory after much needed civil rights protests of the ’60s and the murder of Dr. King. The leaders he says are seeking to correct our problems simply do not exist in the GOP or executive branch. They have fought racial justice at every turn and are in fact openly racist to their core.

There are too many false facts and history to know where to rebut his statements. I am surprised the Gloucester Daily Times would print them without fact-checking, thus promoting lies. For instance, David Patrick Underwood was murdered by a white Air Force staff sergeant who was affiliated with the right-wing Boogaloo faction that is anti-police. He went with the express intent to murder police and may face first-degree murder charges. David McAtee was shot by the National Guard. He, family and friends huddled in his restaurant and he returned fire after being fired on to protect those inside. He was then killed by the guard, which has taken responsibility.

Mr. Ring says the League of Women Voters and Black Lives Matter are refusing to hold (fictional) antifa groups responsible for causing riots. Once again, if “antifa” is responsible they are the craftiest group because no one can find them! What a ridiculous irresponsible statement. As is his claim that peaceful protesters are responsible for stopping looters. These are blatant attempts to shift blame to law-abiding citizens and victims. In Atlanta black citizens were assumed to have torched the Wendy’s after Rayshard Brooks’ killing, but now police are seeking two white women who are seen on video doing the deed.

Mr. Ring turns history and facts on their head at every turn in order to fit his fantasy world. They are an insult to educated citizens and a black eye to the Times for publishing such fake rubbish.

Catherine Meany


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