To the editor:

East Coast Atlantic offshore wind is so important to our country. I live in Gloucester, the oldest seaport in America, and I support our day boats supplying us with fresh fish. My neighbors provide lobsters and clams for us to eat.

These are people with offshore marine skills, some of which they’ve had since elementary school. Many of these skills are not being employed now because the cod and haddock have disappeared or gone to Iceland.

These are young men and women who sit looking out their windows like people whose productive lives are in the past.

The bright energy they brought back from their forays into the beautiful and often unforgiving ocean, melded with the art depicting life of a working seaport, produced a vigorous, vibrant energy in Gloucester.

Dramatically powerful offshore wind is now being developed beyond the horizon line, off the Southeast Massachusetts coast and though Gloucester is 230 miles away from it, we are close enough to once again employ our unique seafaring skills. Someday, we will have wind farms in our own wind envelope off Cape Ann.

Please ask the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to look at the future of our people and culture rather than our past as have some members of the commercial fishing industry.

Robert Myers


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