To the editor:

What does correctness mean now? What does it no longer mean?

I don’t believe it is used in conversation except perhaps when it refers to proper attire. Dressing for the office still hasn’t changed, though it is guided by convention and has been internalized. It has always, I believe, been about appearances not substance. It is now obsolete.

Perhaps it could now be used to mean accurate or based on fact or upholding norms and the Constitution? Or is that too controversial in this upside-own world? There is no political correctness because all views are equal and are entitled to expression with a few exceptions such as racism and sexism. It is now out of step with our perspective on what matters. How does racism fit with correctness? The pandemic and health concerns do fit though their interpretation seems to depend on ideology.

We are in a topsy-turvy world and nothing fits in a familiar box.

Bill Jackson


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