To the editor:

The best word to describe the behavior of President Donald Trump on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, when he incited a violent and murderous mob to attack the United States Capitol in a coup attempt, is sedition. That is the truth laid plain for us all to see in real time. Therefore, Congress has a moral and ethical obligation to impeach and try President Trump without delay.

Mr. Trump’s seditious crimes should be swiftly denounced and repudiated by impeachment and trial not only because they represent an abhorrent criminal act that jeopardized our democracy, grossly endangered our national security, damaged domestic and international faith in our government and snuffed out human lives, but also because not to do so is morally wrong and would only incite him or others to attempt to do so again. Not to impeach and try President Trump endangers the future of our republic.

This is an existential decision for our nation, and the responsibility rests on Senate Majority Leader McConnell and House Speaker Pelosi to swiftly take decisive action before the inauguration of the 46th president. If a Supreme Court justice can be nominated and confirmed in mere days before a presidential election, then there is no reason why a sitting president who committed blatant and hideous sedition cannot be impeached and tried days before an inauguration.

For these high crimes not to be punished by every means constitutionally provided is completely unacceptable and nearly as reprehensible as President Trump’s act of sedition itself.

Nathan Ives



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