To the editor:

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The piping plovers are on Good Harbor Beach. I’m a dog owner, and it is literally one of my favorite things to do in this town is take my pup to Good Harbor and enjoy, seeing her playfully running around and getting a little bit of exercise myself.

Yes, it’s totally a bummer that we’re restricted from bringing our dogs on the beach during these months, but it is what it is. This bird is threatened with extinction, and as moral humans, we should be respecting their protection. My issue at the moment is people ignoring the ordinance and still bringing their dogs on the beach. I get it — you either didn’t know, or don’t care. But I’d like to be able to take my dog on the beach at the end of the summer this year again when the birds are gone, and not have that privilege taken away because some people think they’re above the rest of us. It’s like that time in school when one kid in the class didn’t do his or homework and we all lost recess because of it. Don’t be that person. Go to dog park, or the crab beach. Don’t let the diehards finally put an end to beach dog visits, please and thank you.

Jonathan Goodhue