To the editor:

New England. 5:15 in the morning. Shoveling snow. Trying to get to work on time.

Time for reflection.

Thinking of the latest news story of the enslaved immigrant women in a Florida day spa forced to do unspeakable acts for survival. While I cannot relate to their plight, I do think about their future; possibly facing deportation, prison confinement or worse. All the attention is on the list of offenders, many of wealthy means. Men who should have a better moral compass considering their societal positions and influence. Shame on them for degrading women as they had. All for personal gain.

No attention is given to the women at all. All they wanted was a better life than what was offered in their native countries. The women wanted to become part of the fabric of the great U.S. and their own quiet success story. They were deceived, lied to, tortured and treated less than. All these women dreamed of a better life, one to provide them dignity and substance. What they received from their capturers was horrific and unspeakable.

It brings tears to my eyes. I wonder what I can do to help them. So many miles away.

Elisabeth Perkins