To the editor:

I played a minor role in Extinction Rebellion’s Good Harbor existential theater (“Procession takes to Good Harbor Beach to ‘mourn’ changing climate,” Aug. 5), and want to thank this newspaper for assisting the movement in its 15 minutes.

Most of the many beach dwellers were accepting, curious and grateful for the chance to see some active response to the human fabricated disasters that are now rolling in droves, wild and uncontrollable. Sadly, a few insisted that infinite use of a finite resource is easily done through the physical laws of the known universe, to which there is no response save perhaps psychiatric intervention.

“Earth Overshoot Day” is an attempt to quantify the amount of resources we humans consume compared with annual earth bioproduction. Currently, we’re using it up by the beginning of August. That means for the next four months we’re just making the earth weaker, and if that weren’t scary enough, the year’s worth of energy would be used up by mid-March if every human had ACD (American Consumption Disease).

It’s invigorating to see that a lot of folks realize something is desperately screwed up in our corporate hypnotic delusions of absolute and irresponsible control. In these times, individual acceptance and response to our predicament is our only option. Whether we believe that a bigger and better model of ourselves made all of this world mainly for humans, or that reality continually unfolds in a never-ending dance of light and particles, the physical reality is that we’re eating our mother alive, and it’s turning out very badly.

Derek Brown