To the editor:

I noticed the recent passing of Miss Margaret Eddie. I use the term miss, because that is what we students at the old Hovey and Forbes elementary schools used to call her, and I am old enough to remember when it was considered a term of respect, and not politically incorrect to do so. And it with both fondness and respect that I, and I’m sure most of the other students who had the privilege of knowing her, will always remember her.

I can recall back in the mid to late 1960s the magical choral Christmas concerts she would organize combining all of the elementary schools in Gloucester. They were held in the old auditorium of the former Central Grammar School back when all of the students were singing in the chorus and it was not “uncool” to do so. Miss Eddie had a way of making each of us feel as though we were the most important person in the world, as I surely felt when she named me as a soloist in one of the concerts. Along with Robert Puff, (and before my time, Tony Gentile), she contributed and had the most positive influence upon the musical education of Gloucester’s youth. May God bless and welcome Miss Eddie into his/her ever loving arms.

Richard Baptista Jr.


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