To the editor:

For all the great things about Massachusetts, there is one area where we unfortunately don’t quite stack up: safe driving.

According to the annual Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report, Springfield is the highest ranked among the cities in Massachusetts. But it ranks 194 of 200. Boston drivers rank 198th when it comes to safe driving and avoiding crashes, and Worcester ranks 197th.  

I know we can do better.

The America’s Best Drivers Report is meant to increase awareness of the importance of patient, attentive driving – something that’s especially important to keep in mind this time of year. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the summer months are some of the deadliest on U.S. roads.

To recognize the 15th year of the report, it’s worth noting that Boston drivers have gotten better overtime, rising a spot from last year’s ranking.

Massachusetts, let’s use our cities’ Best Drivers rankings as an incentive to do better in the months ahead by committing to always put safety first on the road – for ourselves and our fellow drivers. Doing so can help prevent tragedies this summer and throughout the year.

Sharlene Wulleman