Letter: Save Millie

In this May file photo, a crane operator, left, using a remote control, lowers the Winnie the Whale sculpture created from Rockport granite by Maine-based artist Thomas Berger, right, into place at Millbrook Meadow in Rockport.JOE PARISI/Rockport DPW

To the editor:

It came to my attention recently while selling tickets put on by the Rockport Friends of COA that our new sculptured whale was being used by dogs (on leashes) as a pit stop. This beautiful sculpture, by Maine artist Thomas Berger, was designed for our children to play on. You get the picture.

It was noted by some out-of-town guests while staying at the Peg Leg Motel that they had witnessed several folk walking their dogs in the evening through our lovely new meadow and the dogs were leaving their liquid scents on the granite structure. Being a dog walker myself, I know that dogs are curious to every new addition on their journeys. I also have faith in the residents and visitors to our seaside village that this is not a habit you would permit your dogs to continue.

I have suggested to the Department of Public Works, Parks and Recreation and the police department that perhaps a sign is necessary to remind folks that our children play on Millie and the toddlers love to play with the tiny pebbles surrounding our new whale friend.

If the problem continues, perhaps a fine would be appropriate, with the funds going to the Millbrook Meadow Conservation Committee.

Thank you, Laura Hallowell and all members who have made this an enjoyable place in Rockport.

Mary Ann Camp


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