To the editor:

Requiring masks and social distancing in our schools makes no sense, will be detrimental to the emotional and psychological well being of our children, and places an unreasonable burden on our already-burdened school systems.

The latest CDC data shows that a large amount of adults who contract coronavirus (35%) experience no symptoms. Those who do mostly experience mild symptoms. A very small percentage die from this virus: 0.26%. If you are under the age of 60, which includes all children and most teachers, then the mortality rate is 0.0002%, which is more or less the same risk of death as just living. These are the statistics generated from the government’s very liberal counting of mortality, which ignores the very fragile state of these patients’ underlying health conditions as the root cause of death. These mortality rates will probably decrease further as more asymptomatic people are tested for antibodies.

The response to the virus has been politically and emotionally motivated and not based on hard evidence. The rightful protests to Mr. Floyd’s death have properly been permitted, while other gatherings and business activity have wrongfully been made illegal. There is no evidence that these measures have done anything to slow the spread of the virus. Open states and countries like Sweden do not have substantially higher per capita coronavirus patients and death than those that have closed down. There has been no spike in the virus from protests occurring two weeks ago.

Requiring my child to be muzzled like a dog when she goes to kindergarten and stay 6 feet away from her classmates opens the door to significant and likely permanent phobias and psychological injury. These are largely “unknown unknowns” at this time, because never in history has the government required anything so outrageous. Already, though, my young children have developed unreasonable habits and phobias as a result of the past three months.

Further, these restrictions are unreasonable and unnecessary affronts to our freedoms. In essence, if I want my child to experience school that we pay for with tax dollars, then I will be forced to put a mask on her face knowing there is no genuine reason to do that. Masks are in essence a symbol of submission to an arbitrary and capricious government and the ridiculous social stigma advocated by fearful hysterics. I refuse to humor these emotionally and politically charged restrictions under the auspice of health and “safety.” Now is not the time to blindly obey like we did in March (when we did not know anything). Now is the time to resist.

We are sacrificing our children and the future of this country thinking that it will protect people who probably are going to die very soon from their underlying conditions anyway. Evidence shows that this does nothing to protect them. This is not the practice of a growing and successful society. It is indicative of a weak culture that is in decline and that has lost its collective mind.

Olaf Aprans


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