To the editor:

In response to Dr. Martin Ross’ letter published June 3 (”Reconsidering Millbrook spending”) and on behalf of the Millbrook Meadow Committee, I offer this factual correction to the 2021 Community Preservation Act application amount requested. The estimate for adding electrical infrastructure is just $13,000 of the total $37,000 which includes a 25% contingency that may not be used. The larger portion ($24,000) is to restore the spillway stairs (stone work and repointing) with the addition of a single handrail on the meadow side stone wall. The committee supports both portions of the project for enhanced safety.

The Millbrook Meadow Conservancy, which raises funds annually from private donors to cover all maintenance expenses beyond work administered by town, will purchase fixtures that combine safety with dark sky compliance, low Kelvin, and amber LED that is wildlife and insect friendly. These fixtures replace a street light removed when the new dam was built in 2012. Planting in the Meadow and around Mill Pond does continue with additional trees, plants for the border between the Meadow and Cove parking lot, and a ground cover project to reduce weeding (our volunteers donated over 300 working hours last summer!). We are committed to care for and steward the greenspace following construction to an aesthetic, low maintenance environment to be enjoyed by all.

The Millbrook Meadow Committee monthly meetings are open to the public, notices listed on the Town of Rockport Public Meeting Town Clerk agenda list, and anyone is welcome to attend.

Shannon Mason, Chair

Millbrook Meadow Committee


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