To the editor:

I am writing in reference to your Dec. 31 article “1st Circuit asked to stop hydropower corridor construction.”

Although the Electricity Transmission Corridor project sounds close to being a done deal, we can hope that a delay will lead to the opportunity for environmentalists to have their case heard, and a more rigorous environmental impact statement can be implemented.

While the project has environmental benefits, we can hardly ignore the very real impacts of losing unspoiled wilderness for the wildlife that live there. Fragmentation of unspoiled wilderness is a major cause of habitat and wildlife loss. A 53-mile swath cut through unspoiled forest affects the forest and wildlife for miles beyond this swath. Wild animals have territories and need to travel, some many miles. A cut for a power line through an animal’s territory cuts it off from potential mates and its known routes to food.

We have too little unspoiled habitat to lose, and too many fragile areas in which human encroachment are threatening wildlife. Perhaps environmentalists can suggest an alternate route to New England for this project.

Marsha Turin


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