Support Rockport’s employees

To the editor:

The presentation at Town Meeting was extremely detailed and persuasive regarding the proposed Rockport Department of Public Works facility and it passed overwhelmingly. This is not a simple construction, it involves space for large heavy equipment, repair facilities, office and adequate staff space and facilities, and extensive and complex safety equipment. At this point it is negligent and humiliating to ask our DPW workers to continue to try to cope with an obsolete, dangerous and totally inadequate building.

I am a senior living on a fixed income and, like everyone else, am not thrilled at an increase in my taxes, albeit quite minor all things considered. But far more important is the safety and effectiveness of our DPW personnel and equipment. How can we ask these employees to plow our streets in the middle of the night, fix our roads, clear our beaches and operate our transfer facility while denying them a sound, adequate and safe place to work? We should all be embarrassed and ashamed if we do not approve the construction of the proposed facility. I urge everyone to do the right thing for our employees and to support the new DPW facility.

Susan Hand


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