To the editor:

For more than two years we have watched the School Committee and concerned citizens make their case for a new school that will accommodate students from both Veterans and East Gloucester schools. This combined school will give the children the 21st century school they need to compete in today’s world.

Both schools were built when those of us in our 70s were in elementary school.

Back then, there was no internet, color TV, the polio vaccine had just come out, people smoked, and the list goes on. The cost to remodel both would be equal to the new school and they would still be subpar.

We need young families to stay.

We need businesses to locate here.

We need to grow our tax base.

We need to give parents a reason not to choice out.

We need to give teachers the best tools available.

We need to do this for the children of Gloucester.

With the grant from the state the cost to the average homeowner is $1.92 a week.

As a senior it angers me to hear time after time seniors can’t afford it.

I asked my senior friends and nobody has ever asked them that question. as a matter of fact almost all are voting yes on Question 3!

I read a quote from Justice Ginsberg: “Who will take responsibility for raising the next generation?”

I hope it is us!

Francis Aliberte


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