To the editor:

Change is in the air and coming to our governing parties after the midterm elections. A happier approach may take hold as the two groups work to govern for us, the American people. The American people did their job and swept the voting booths with their choices as they took advantage of their part in self-government. We must always do this, as we cannot take a chance on losing what we have. What we have is our precious American democracy and it has to be preserved.

I went to the books for my next project as I write, and pulled out volume G from my World Book Encyclopedia. Usually, I am online for much information but I love to handle my World Book at times. It does show my age. Full pages were dedicated to the parts and parcels of our system of democracy. I was most interested in the definitions of liberalism and conservatism. Liberalism, as related to governing, “is a political philosophy that favors rapid social change to correct economic and social inequality.” Conservatism, as related to governing, “is a political belief based on making changes in line with proven values of the past.” Both are simply stated here in volume G of the World Book Encyclopedia, and I wonder if it is just easier to choose sides and create obstacles for either party, because it seems to me that these ideologies can certainly meld and blend and make policy for the country -- policies that can make lives healthier and happier while preserving the strength of our democracy. Having the Democrats a majority in the House to work alongside the many Republicans still in their Senate seats will be like breathing fresh air within those hallowed halls. I will not call my glasses rose-colored.

We need good leadership so our governing bodies can attend to the task of governing. When chaos appears in the White House, or in Congress, a state of anxiety creates a pall over the land. If this is the case, it is not a healthy state of affairs. In my opinion, it is not healthy to hold rallies (no other winning president has) and, from the podium, call Democrats “criminals” and “thugs.” The president talks down to many Republicans at his rallies, and assures all good happening in the country as emanating from him, and rarely as the result of teamwork with others. “That I can tell you,” is a favorite Trump saying. It is such a shame that our economic boom is overshadowed so many times by all the controversies continually swirling. But, thank you, Mr. Trump that no North Korean missiles have zoomed to our west coast. More attention needed there, of course.

I would like to see the investigations by Mr. Mueller come to a conclusion. It is tiring for the whole country. The investigations by Mueller will continue, I suspect from TV and print news, until the president is either cleared or indicted because of any Russian impact concerning the president’s campaign. This is an American duty.

I must mention the NRA. How long are we the people going to allow free reign for gun sales in order for mass murders to continue? Yes, I feel the correlation of guns in every pocket with murders in every state.

But change is in the air. Two great lawmaking bodies ought now to be able to take up the most pressing details facing us all -- health care for one, gun control for another, asylum seekers, yes.. How happy we should be that our institutions have held and that we the people are back in control of our American lives. Let’s keep it that way! Thank you, Founding Fathers!

Mary Jane Lane