To the editor:

I brought a friend to Addison Gilbert Hospital on a recent Saturday as she was having a weakness in her left arm and leg.

“Maybe I should wait and see if it will go away,” she said.  I feared that this was a beginning of a stroke and encouraged her that we should go. No one wants to visit an emergency room, especially on a weekend. Yet when the nurse came out immediately due to my friend’s symptoms, I knew we made the right decision to go. I was asked to go in also and sat with the patient and was so impressed at the swiftness and professionalism we were shown.

The emergency room physician came in, as did the nurse. The X-ray tech who did the CT scan was also very professional. In this time of medical cuts and staff shortages, we never experienced a lack or stress in any way. All tests were done in a short period of time and they were always checking in to see the patient and give updates. I worked at Addison Gilbert for 16 years years and have always been proud of all whom I came in contact with and am so relieved to see that the standard of care remains; hopefully it always will.

Although this is not a huge hospital, and it is not able to have full operating room services, I am so impressed at what we do have. I was sorely disappointed when the bill did not pass last year for nurse coverage, and when my friend was told she would be admitted there was a very long wait while they called nurses in and shifted the beds to accommodate the number of inpatients they were getting. I do hope this bill will come up again for a vote and more people realize we should always have more nurses than patients. In the meantime, I thank all the “angels” we met who made such a difference in a scary situation.

Jane Montecalvo