To the editor:

The April 30 letter to the editor, “Freedoms lost in times of panic” is very clever. Every case cited is real. Every case cited was also the result of a global political issue, a difference of national or religious goals and ideals for good or ill. What we are currently facing is a scientific and medical fact, a global disease, with proven ways to limit the disaster while we search for ways to end it all together. Public health experts are not imposing limitations on personal freedoms without evidence that this will save the lives of your neighbors, friends and fellow Americans.

The great plagues of history ran unchecked because the science of public health did not exist and they caused not only massive deaths but enormous, long-term financial hardships. It takes longer to rebuild an economy when there are millions of dead consumers and workers than an economy placed on hold so people can stay well and return to work and play. The only freedom being taken way right now is the freedom to be selfish, the freedom to kill yours or my husband, son, daughter, friend because you don’t care about spreading this disease.

Susan Hand


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