To the editor:

For Earth Day this year, my son Wil and our friends from down the hill Abby and Gretel Marshall and I cleaned up around the field at the top of Summit Avenue, a.k.a. Turtle Rock or Hospital Hill.

Last year, we found about 140 bags of poop. This year we found 44.

This sounds like a victory, but sadly, 30 out of those 40 bags were all in the same 5-square-foot area. Someone consistently walked to the edge of the field and flung 30 bags of poop into the extensive briar patch. This makes poop bag wrangling tough.

I’m sure you’re all aware of the health hazards of improper poop disposal for humans, animals and all sorts of nature.

But let’s face it, the main issue is that it’s gross and disrespectful to others sharing our glorious outdoor space.

We are lucky to have a trash can the Department of Public Works empties regularly. Most of us regard disposing of poop properly as part of dog ownership. It is also town law.

Let’s be the first town on Cape Ann to eradicate improperly disposed poop! You can do it Rockport!

Carrie DeFort